The essence of cooperation based on Lean Office

How to take care of what is best for the company in the employee? - The essence of cooperation based on Lean Office

What is a company really?

To ludzie, którzy ją tworzą: ich wiedza, doświadczenie i
skuteczność w podejmowaniu decyzji. Każdy pracownik stanowi niezastąpioną cegiełkę w
procesie rozwoju przedsiębiorstwa. A co jeśli wszystkie te cząstki udałoby się zgromadzić w
jednym miejscu i wykorzystać nawet po utracie danego pracownika? Taka możliwość
mogłaby otworzyć przedsiębiorstwa na błyskawiczny rozwój w jasno określonym kierunku.
To właśnie jedno z głównych zamierzeń wdrożenia Lean Office opartego na systemie EIM
jako Organizacyjnego Mózgu.

Bet on communication skills

The basis for the smooth functioning of any enterprise is communication. is

she foundation of a well-carried out gemba walking, during which the team

management observes and reacts to processes in the company. Leaders should have

the possibility of informing employees about their decisions without problems, at

at the same time taking their opinions into account and including them in the corporate creation process

standards. A solution should be sought here to relieve members

team from decisions that fit into a well-established pattern and improve the flow of information

between them.

Management easier than you think

Let’s consider a traditional enterprise – how long does the project implementation process last from

the moment of its creation by the employee until acceptance by higher units? In many

in cases this time exceeds the duration of the target work itself. Is this not it?

unnecessary obstruction of tasks so simple to organize? The solution in this case

is the application of a technique that remembers previously carried out processes of sending and evaluating completed works, thanks to which they can be carried out

immediately, without unnecessary procedures and unnecessary time spent.

Solve the problem before it appears!

Another important issue in this topic is appearing unexpectedly

problem. What to do if the target product is out of stock? How effective

provide information, make a decision, and initiate appropriate measures to allow for prompt

solution? Many processes, such as matching the best for the given

replacement product, it is possible to carry out without the involvement of people

their time and nerves, but taking into account their individual preferences

decision-making. The use of this type of solutions directs the company to more important ones

problems than those that can be solved in an extremely uncomplicated way.

All that is needed is to open up to new, automated methods


The EIM system as an Organizational Brain is not just a substitute for a company employee

responsible for contact in the team. It is a way of communication and control

all processes and quick response to changes and problems. It integrates with each other

employees and remembers the specifics of their decision-making in order to develop functions

making the same choices without unnecessarily involving people

physical. Accumulates comprehensive knowledge and skills of employees in its resources,

so that the company can efficiently manage the internal organization and develop everyone


Daria Erkier

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