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Assignment Management


A module that facilitates the order of management process, allowing you to record the cost of completing an order and the working time devoted to its execution.

Thanks to it, the company will quickly get information on the profitability of orders and accurately plan every project.

  • Registration of tender documents and conversion into orders.
  • Collection of costs related to orders and working time of employees or subcontractors dedicated to implementation.
  • Control of the actual cost of executing orders, calculating payments for employees and subcontractors.
  • Obtaining information about the profitability of the execution of orders, working time, people involved in the implementation.
  • Precise planning and analysis of needs related to the implementation of the tasks.
  • Creation of project schedules.
  • Assigning employees to tasks.
  • Control of the level of tasks.
  • Cost analysis
  • Indication of the profitability of the project and the order.
  • Collecting information on the progress of the entrusted work.
  • Providing documentation and other resources related to the execution of the assigned work.
  • Downloading, viewing documentation, attachments, reports, performing assigned tasks.
  • Creation of internal orders (implementation history, implementation costs, etc.).
  • Grouping of internal orders in projects.
  • Import of external data to internal order documents. performance reports.