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Bidding Modules


The tender service desk is provided for documenting the activities accompanying the tendering process to customers and the tendering procedures in which the company is taking part. Thanks to it, the company can also organize its own tenders, which contractors offer. The whole process is archived.

  • Inquiries for clients.
  • Enteringoffers.
  • Making changes to offers = negotiations+    confirmation+ communication with the Client.
  • Integration with email (allows for easy linking and direct communication).
  • Confirmation and signing of the offer (digital signature), creation of the order.
  • Uploaded tender lists to the system.
  • Verification of tender status.
  • Recognition of the tender. Monitoring Rejection of the offer.
  • Forwarding to a Partner / Partners.
  • Information about the tender – who has won.
  • Submission of the offer to the contractor for materials.
  • Important notifications on the e-mail.
  • Bidding list is loaded into the system.
  • You are up to date with the status of tenders.
  • You can easily make changes to the offer.