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Communication with Partners


The module provides an opportunity to communicate between partners via e-mail, in-text messages, or EDI. The subject of communication can be both simple information and any data object available in the system such as invoices, orders, offers and much more.

  • Submitting purchase orders to the Partner system (where the order is automatically created).
  • Submission of changes to your order (both by your Partner and the company).
  • Transmission of completed orders shipments from the Partner.
  • Sending invoices issued by the Partner.
  • Correspondence for a particular order / invoice (changes, confirmations, payments, prompts, complaints), payment of invoices.
  • Use EDI electronic data exchange (adapters for external systems).
  • Do you have all the documents for coorporation with your partners.
  • You and your business partners have an overview of common correspondence, documentation.
  • You are always informed about the changes that your partners makes.