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Complaints Service


Module automating the complaint process. It provides opportunity to: submit a complaint form in the system through the appropriate network application, rejection, and acceptance of complaints at various stages of approval. In addition, it is possible to enter information about defining the “fault” of the complaint in order to possibly change the production line or correct the workflow path and eliminate the weak point.

  • Submission of a complaint by a Partner.
  • Verification by the Legal Department, verification by the Representative (or local vision, photographic documentation on site).
  • Submission of the documentation on the platform to the Supplier / Manufacturer.
  • Decision on recognition / non-recognition of a complaint.
  • Definition of “guilty”, decision – exchange / price correction / other compensation, refusal.
  • Creation of an invoice correction as a complaint, a new order with a special discount or an existing one (approved in the process of order processing), an offer with special conditions.
  • Clear Complaint process
  • “Guilty” will be quickly identified
  • The error will be eliminated
  • Limitation of the stress by reviewing the complaint process