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E-Invoice Management


The module provides the ability to electronically exchange invoices between the issuer and the recipient without having to send paper documents. 
If necessary, it is possible to load an invoice scan into the file repository and access it from the single invoice view. The basic feature of the module is usability and transparency, which will make the exchange of invoices will not be a nuisance.
  • Simple invoicing with the ability to automatically complete data from a defined list of goods and services, counter parties, bank accounts
  • Receipt and storage of invoices in electronic form of e-invoice (access to the archive).
  • Enables the generation of automatic transfer orders in the form of a transfer package compliant with ELIXIR0 standards supported by all Polish banks.
  • Payment plan – in the context of the bank date / bank account from which payment will be made.
  • Invoices are presented to the user in five lists according to their status.
  • Communication in the field of e-invoicing / payment (invoice management: approval, rejection, dispute).
  • Support for prompts.
  • Calculation of interest.
  • Feature of reminders for payments.
  • Management of invoice / payment receipt messages.
  • Support for electronic signature when sending documents / messages.