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Order Processing Service


The purpose of the module is to support the work of all types of repair services. It allows to automate the process of handling service requests, which saves time and streamlines the exchange of information between users.

  • Order processing service
  • Placing orders for service orders – acceptance of a service request.
  • Sending information about changes in orders – notifications about the process of servicing the service request.
  • Sending information about shipments -subprocess of item shipment order.
  • Support of contractors’ requests for execution of orders – request for an ongoing service order.
  • Control of the degree of individual order fulfillment – list of active orders.
  • Sending prompts to contractors about the order – email notification, webmail module integration, emails as attachments to the workflow step / service order.
  • Price negotiations = by a separate module of the offer.
  • Exchange of informatiin between users
  • View active job listings
  • Time saving
  • Tracking shipping status