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Reports & Notifications


Functionality of the module enables the generation of reports and statistics supporting the decision-making process at the stage of selection of executive units within individual orders. It also allows for the delegation of employee duties in order to maximally work efficiently and quickly execute the job by the company.

The module provides access to both current data stored in Bpower2 and through integration with backup and archiving mechanisms to archive data. Qualified users can analyse data for longer time periods, which is important for making good business decisions. When generating a report, the end user specifies the form of the data presentation (eg chart, pivot table) and defines the range of output parameters (eg date range from to, job status).  The result of this operation is the default view containing the presentation of the resulting data. You can modify the content of the view depending on the form of the presentation, eg adding or removing columns in the table, changing the order of displaying data by setting additional filters on the table columns, grouping data by column, or entering aggregates.

  • Increasing the overall knowledge of all collaborating parties.
  • Automatic generation of notifications and periodic reports (eg daily or monthly).
  • Set the economic results of cooperation, verify the quality of the cooperation.
  • Generating reports, statistics, supporting decision processes.
  • Allowing an insight into the current design progress.
  • At any time you can generate a report by any parameters(date, task status).
  • Via data analysis you will make better business decisions.