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SFA Monitoring


The mobile tracking module is for Google Android devices. With this module, you can obtain information from the site. This process must be effective and not obstructing the work of field staff. Therefore, in the system a lot of emphasis was put on the construction of a flexible survey module. The most important features of this module are:

  • business types
  • predefined data types that may be present in questionnaires
  • processing binary objects (Word / Excel documents, images, etc)
  • Dependent questions – displaying the question depends on the answer to one of the previous questions,
  • dependent surveys – possibility to define relationships between surveys and their fields,
  • creation of survey schedules – setting the frequency and frequency of filling surveys
  • creation of target groups and client profiles as survey recipients

Reporting tool for analysis of collected data. Defined polls can be assigned to specific groups or users, they may have a reserved validity. It is possible to put an unlimited number of questions together with comments in a poll.