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SFA Sale


The mobile sales module for devices running on the Google Android platform has been designed for users who need to remotely collect and process orders and other sales processing documents. The system provides several ways to work with orders:

  • processing of direct and indirect orders (transfer),
  • creation of orders based on historical documents,
  • processing of promotional orders,
  • overview of order history

Orders are created in two steps. At the first order conditions (header data) are defined and at the second data is entered, positions on the basis of a list of products and predefined product groups. The system supports simple products and product packages, price lists and discounts. Products can be searched manually or with a code reader (camera).

The mobile sales module supports the integration of all supported documents with external systems. This means that the document can be generated in the mobile sales system and can be transferred to the outside, and can also be downloaded from another system and made available for review or editing according to system permissions. It is also possible to distribute documents via e-mail to parties involved in the sales process (eg to distributors).