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Through the module, it is easy to define processes where documents, information or tasks are transferred from one user to the next. Work process automation defines the way things work in the day-to-day operations in accordance with appropriate management procedures. The system informs employees about the tasks and the deadlines for their execution. In addition, it allows to obtain the necessary approval from the decision makers, to continue the task. This eliminates unnecessary downtime and possible errors, and the system itself reports, what should be done in a particular situation. An employee does not need to know all the organisational procedures in place.

  • streamlining workflow through automation,
  • managing procedures in the company,
  • reducing labour-intensive handling of defined activities.
  • reducing the number of user errors,
  • accelerating the flow of documents,
  • quick view of source documents,
  • ongoing monitoring of the timeliness of tasks,
  • reducing the time spent implementing the program.