Enjoy working with the company multiplanner.

Bpower2 mission is to increase productivity due to based on process company multiplanner and happy employees complete their tasks more effectively.


Jacek Rakoczy
CEO Bpower2

Nowadays man has a lot of different sources of frustrations. Firstly, everybody wants something from him. They want it quickly, now, immediately... And because of that new challenges have appeared. Things that the other day had been completed in a week, today are expected to be done in five minutes.

Information overload causes that people worknot only innefectivebut at some point stop working at all.

Our Multiplanner helps stressed, overworked and having too much on their mind people.


They have trusted us







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Why you should use company multiplanner?


Automate your everyday work. Synchronize task lists, inbox and duties.


We deliver ready-made processes that you can flexibly adopt to your needs. Visualize every employee responibilities with our multiplanner.


You do not have to make elaborate and expensive concepts. Just start using our system and adopt it to your needs basing on your experience.

Easy to use

Users should feel good. Descriptions and activities should be clear, friendly and intuitive. We have reached this goal due to automation.  

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