Multiplaner for the Finance Department

Planning your processes will help keep your finances organized and save your time.


Lost invoices, missed deadlines for issuing documents, and a lack of person responsible for outstanding transfers are common problems in some finance departments. As this department is fundamental to the whole business, it’s important to care about its order and cooperation with other divisions. Thanks to the good work of the finance department, your company builds trust with clients and authorities. Good processes in accountancy results in quick financial statements, ease in obtaining loans, and new investors. Timely payments, clear documentation, invoices issued on time – this is what attracts people to your business. Then, there is order in the company, there is no unnecessary chaos, and you know which employee is responsible for what.

The Bpower2 Multiplaner applied for the finance department allows to easily redirect information from this department to other units and vice versa. It organizes the flow of documents and controls them. Moreover, it reduces the time of information processing and speeds up the monthly settlements. You can automatically add or approve documents, send them for approval or improvement, and attach questions in case of doubt. Thanks to that you will not miss any document, correction, or offsetting. It takes you only a moment to get to the document or matter you are looking for. An excellent feature is the OCR (Optical character recognition), which gives the possibility to find the information directly on documents, i.e. automatically find codes in digital invoices, significantly reducing the time of searching for this data, because on different invoices Tax Identification Number or account number are placed in unequal positions. Plan the operation of your finance department with our Multiplaner and regain peace of mind in your company.

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Thanks to Bpower2 I keep order I save time

mapa procesów zadania w systemie

How does the Bpower2 multiplanner work?

Organize the work of the finance department


The multiplaner will sort and search for information on the basis of sent documents.


You can view your invoices and billing from anywhere and from any device.


No change will escape the attention of the Multiplaner, which will automatically send information to the appropriate department, which guarantees that it won't be overlooked by your co-workers.


Multiplaner will remind employees to send a report on the completion of their tasks and, in case it's yet not done, remind them to conclude.


If you have special invoicing requirements, the Multiplaner will make your suppliers self invoicing.


Our proprietary OCR can find various information within documents such as invoices numbers, purchase orders, contracts, and more.


The Multiplaner will remind you to carry out cyclical settlements, make transfers, and send documents.

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SzOK Szybka Obsługa Księgowa sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

SzOK Obsługa Księgowa was created for those who run their own business, both for those who are starting to run their own companies and for those who are dissatisfied with the accounting services provided so far. Often the issues of settlements with the tax authorities are a tedious and unpleasant duty. Therefore, SzOK proposes a solution which allows you to forget about this sphere of running a business. It provides complete, professional and full personnel and accounting services for companies of various legal forms. Our staff has several years of experience in bookkeeping, based on work under the supervision of tax advisors and auditors. We have the Chief Accountant Certificate issued by the Accountants Association in Poland.

Twardoch Accounting and Taxes

Twardoch Accounting and Taxes is a company offering comprehensive tax and accounting advisory services. The creation of Twardoch Accounting and Taxes is supported by knowledge and experience gained over many years in the largest consulting companies in Poland. This has allowed us to understand the business and expectations of entrepreneurs. For over 20 years the company has been providing clients with the best solutions in the field of tax consulting, accounting, human resources and payroll and public aid accounting. Over this period, it has earned the trust of clients operating in the following industries: services, trade, production and NGOs. It provides professional services for business entities. Consulting and comprehensive services in the field of accounting, taxes, commercial law, human resources and payroll.

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