Multiplaner for the quality control department

Planning the processes will help maintain order and transparency in controlling processes and save time.


The most common problem in the quality control department is the implementation and application of ISO standards and GDPR in the company. For example, only regular water purity measurements will allow your company to pass the next audit and receive a certificate. Your collaborator should make a test of water quality, but he didn’t. Likewise, a customer requested that her personal data be deleted from your database, and the IT responsible forgot to do that, exposing your company to some kind of financial consequences. How can you get the conclusion of those tasks from the collaborators? The Bpower2 Multiplanner allows you to transfer all processes to the system, which will make it clear and transparent while guaranteeing you control from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, the system will remind the team members about the deadlines of specific tasks, and they will have to approve the results with a leader once it gets concluded. You will receive notifications about the task development, which guarantee you the possibility to continuously react to the task, and not just only at the last minute. The mission of Bpower2 Multiplaner is to introduce permanent habits among the employees intending to avoid the necessity to continuously remember them about assignments to be executed, in a way that this behavior becomes natural to them.

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How does the Bpower2 multiplanner work?

Organize the work of the quality control department


Multiplaner will improve collaboration between departments, making quality control easier and enforcing standards more efficiently.


From anywhere and from any device, you can view the real-time progress of each process described in the quality standards with the real-time viewer.


No change in processes will escape the attention of the Multiplaner, which will send the information to the appropriate department and it will not be overlooked by your colleagues.


Multiplaner will introduce correct habits in your employees, who will perform ISO-related tasks regularly and not only in case of an audit.


Each process can be checked, and each action can be seen in the following stages and checked if it has been carried out.


The multiplier will remind you and your employee to perform recurring tasks. You won't have any more headaches remembering them.

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