Multiplaner for the sales department

Build trust and credibility through a complete view of projects your team is running for customers.


When you serve a client, you are dependent on the tasks performed by other people in the company involved in the process. So, you are responsible for your own and others’ actions.
The Multiplaner Bpower2 applied for the sales department allows you to easily check the status of tasks being executed by your co-workers, helping you to delivery the results expected by your costumer.
Our software will allow you to very quickly answer your client’s questions about what is going on with a project, prepare offers on time, and monitor the progress of a task from the beginning until its conclusion. Bpower2 multiplaner make it possible without unnecessary emails and phone calls, making you the “leader” for others employees involved in the process, what garantee that the customer will be happy with your service.

Thanks to Bpower2 I save 2 hours every day

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How does the Bpower2 multiplaner work?

Organize the work of the sales department


The Multiplaner will divide the work among all the vendors, and the boss will receive an overview of the whole project.


You can access your CRM and your sales case data from anywhere and on any device.


Your co-workers won't overlook your customer's issues. You will have real-time information about the tasks of each one.


Multiplaner will remind you to send current sales reports to your boss, for example, every Thursday at 16.20.


If you have special invoicing requirements, the Multiplaner will allow you to do this according to your own manner.


Multiplaner makes it possible to create a methodology for the work of a sales department and to guide everyone according to it to achieve greater effectiveness.


If your employees like rankings, Multiplaner will help you create it in a gamification model.


Thanks to Multiplaner, you can plan your sales tasks in order to maintain harmony between your work and personal life.

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Case studies

logo jumarpol

Jumarpol Sp. z o. o.

Jumarpol has been providing services related to drilling, pushing and jacking for over 20 years. It deals with construction of underground infrastructure networks (water, heat, gas and other pipelines), repairs of existing networks, as well as localization and diagnostics of underground infrastructure. Comprehensive execution of sewage, sanitary and rainwater connections. All orders are executed using trenchless techniques. Bpower2 is a tool, a kind of multiplaner, to manage the staffing of individual investments.


The Purite brand was established in March 2014. The high effectiveness and therapeutic effect of Purite is a result of combining the beneficial properties of natural raw materials, medical knowledge of the doctors cooperating with the manufactory and modern, clean production technologies. The team works in a modern laboratory in Komorowice near Wroclaw. All ingredients are purchased in accordance with the principles of fair trade; plants, from which macerates and hydrolats are created, are grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers and are obtained in accordance with their biological rhythm; oils come from certified crops. The company began by making soaps and body butters to meet the individual needs of our loved ones and friends. The success of these first products led to the creation of the Purite brand.

Logo, klient, Purite

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