Multiplaner for the purchasing department

Make your suppliers' issues equally important to everyone in the organization.


Cooperating with your suppliers is very important. By working well with them, your business may be competitive. Your suppliers depend on your orders. And you depend on your customers’ orders. Your feeling, sometimes, is that you are between a rock and a hard place. 
The Bpower2 Multiplaner applied for the purchasing department allows you to easily redirect sales and purchase data to your suppliers. You can automatically distribute information to reduce time spent on communication with suppliers and to keep them up to date with your orders. 
This will allow you to negotiate better prices with suppliers, share warehouse provision data, and know in real-time how your orders are going.  Without unnecessary emails and phone calls, you’ll have a virtual eye that sees information from suppliers to provide more reliable information to your customers without guessing and making wrong promises for someone.
People in the supply chain will see you as a credible coordinator of processes that build value for everyone.

Thanks to Bpower2 I have better prices from suppliers

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How does the Bpower2 Multiplanner work?

Organize the work of the purchasing department


The Multiplaner will divide the information about suppliers based on orders and stock levels.


You can view the status of your orders with suppliers from anywhere and from any device.


No change will escape the attention of the Multiplanner, which will send the information to the appropriate supplier and nothing won't be overlooked by your co-workers.


The Multiplaner will remind your supplier to send you a report about the progress of your orders and the need for new components to fulfill your orders.


If you have to meet special requirements in terms invoicing, the Multiplaner will make your suppliers self invoicing according to their own style.


The Multiplaner allows you to create a methodology for the work of the Purchasing Department, guiding everyone according to it to achieve greater efficiency.


The Multiplaner will remember you to perform periodic verification on selected suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials and semi-finished products.


Thanks to the Multiplaner, cooperation with suppliers will be peaceful by sharing plans and their execution, in order to maintain harmony between work and personal life.

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Case studies

MANN+HUMMEL FT Poland Spółka z o.o. Sp. k.

A company dedicated to the production of high-quality filters for the automotive industry, machinery, heavy equipment, and specialized equipment. Mann+Hummel core business is the production of filters sold under renowned and recognized brands: Filtron and WIX Filters. The company is one of the largest employers in Poland. They care for transparency and create an exceptional organizational climate.

Events in Poland Ltd.

A company that specializes in servicing arrivals throughout Poland for medical tourism. Since 2009, when their parent company Flugo (1998) established us, they have been serving their experience and expertise in meetings, incentives, conventions, and group travel to those who have decided to visit Poland.

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