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Is it possible for an IT program such as Bpower2 which is supposed to streamline processes in a company and increase its performance, to know how its users feel, eg. employees? Can the software installed in your computer sense the mood, level of fatigue or nervousness af its users? As it turns out yes! Moreover depending an the above mentioned parameters, the program is able to assign more or less complex tasks depending an the psychophysical state of the users.

Bpower2 developers, in collaboration with specialists in the field of EEG, braintracking and Big Data, have developed the Biodysponer.

complex and non-standard processes automation

(i.e. documents processing and analysis, unstructured data analytics)

objects & shapes detection and analysis

(i.e. intelligent cameras that monitor quality in production lines,
detection of shapes, patterns and anomalies in pictures etc.)

data analytics with artificial intelligence

(i.e. finding answers hidden in the data: why something happened? what can possibly happen? what are the trends?)

expert systems to support decisions making

(i.e. time series data from industrial sensors,
machines monitoring and predictive maintenance etc.)

This is how

Machine Learning Helps



Finding answers hidden in the data