How easy it is! – Bpower2 through the eyes of an employee

How easy it is! – Bpower2 through the eyes of an employee

When needs appear but solution fails

Since the very beginning of my employment in the company I had contact with a number of various google spreadsheets, which were used to report working hours of the staff. At first, each employee had its own separate sheet, after that we were all assigned into teams that reported working hours in another sheet, and finally everybody in the company had to report time spent at work again – in a new google spreadsheet. It was problematic and unreliable as in the case of making one small mistake, an employee could, totally by accident, delete reported working hours of another person. Thus, one wrong move led to many misunderstanding and confusion. Additionally, we all had to keep track of e-mails and other sources of communication in order to keep in touch with people working remotely.

At this point I didn’t really feel that it’s wrong and needs to be improved – but obviously had to be done.

Changes are never easy

I admit I’m not naturally good with computers and technology. It applies to everything – phones, computers, even e-mails would be a nightmare without the help of my colleagues. Bpower2 was introduced to me when I was working remotely from home as a student. I received login and password with a note saying “since the beginning of the next month, your working hours must be reported in the system”. When I saw that I just stared at the screen for about 10 minutes, I was completely terrified. However, as it turned out, it was unnecessary.

Give it a go and you will see results

I will not pretend it was easy to implement those changed overnight. Although now, in retrospect, I feel like it was only a moment. Is there anything easier than filling a short table, in which data is assigned alphabetically? All I have to do is remember the customer’s name and fill in a proper number of working hours. Thus, it’s impossible to delete anything or change reported working hours of others. One could think “why do I need this?”, however something that seemed to be a struggle turned out to be a very simple activity that takes a minute at the end of each working day.

System that knows your needs

I quickly began to appreciate other aspects of Bpower2. An infinite number of e-mails regarding subsequent tasks turned into short, readable messages. I don’t have to go through various and numerous messages anymore to figure out what exactly I have to do. The supervisor needs to fill some basic information regarding the task, i.e. title, description and deadline. Thus, as a task performer, I have access to all the necessary information in one place. What is more, up until now, if employees needed to know when their salary payment was planned or if their holiday was accepted, they were stressed as those conversations are never comfortable. Through Bpower2 it’s fun, it’s simple and nobody needs to feel stressed. Depending on what information you seek, there are usually two buttons to click and find out everything you need to know – without confronting your supervisor or waiting in line to see “the boss”. Now I can send any inquiries with just one click, which is possible at home or even when travelling by train – from my phone.

The saying “you cannot run away from technology” has become increasingly popular. Honestly, I don’t like that statement. There is no reason to run away from technology. In my opinion, attempts to escape from it limit your own possibilities and show disregard to your precious time.

Bpower2 is the perfect example of the above mentioned matters. Since it has been implemented in our company, it has saved us from thousands of misunderstandings, wasted hours and lots of stress. So perhaps it is worth it to take up on that challenge?

Daria Erkier

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