Indicators in production companies and IT modern systems

Indicators in production companies and IT modern systems

Production companies often collect and store much data. However, they don’t always know how to use obtained information and increase their effectiveness. Regular monitoring of a few chosen indicators can improve functioning of enterprises and provide them stable production.

Unfortunately, autonomous collection, storage and comparison of data is very time-consuming and not every computer system is able to support it. This is the reason why many entrepreneurs quickly become discouraged or don’t monitor indicators regularly. Such operations don’t bring adequate results. It is possible to solve this problem very quickly by choosing IT solutions which will support and advise the company using the artificial intelligence. Bpower2 is one of them. It is also perfect for production companies from all industries.

These are a few chosen model indicators observed by producers:

  • hourly productivity- the amount of items carried out within an hour, the appropriate system is able to collect data automatically, e.g. based on the duration of the operation from the “entry” to “exit”;
  • productivity indicator- the amount of items carried out during a long period of time (e.g. per month), and based on the calculation of the average, it enables to obtain information on productivity. Properly selected IT solutions will list such indicator autonomously;
  • efficiency- enables to check the process of target achievement in a given moment and what throughput was obtained, the appropriate system will not only count this rate, but also suggest how to correct it;
  • payload – evaluates the effectiveness of time usage set for execution of particular tasks, a good IT solution will indicate the payload of all used machines in the process without any difficulties;
  • process time consumption – time which is essential to execute a particular task, which can also be monitored by IT solutions.

The entrepreneurs often face problems with distinguishing productivity from efficiency. After all, these are two distinct notions. Efficiency is connected with planned time, e.g. a day, a month. During its measurement the attention is paid to the amount of made products and the time of realization, whereas productivity results from expenditures in the stated time. When determining the productivity, it is necessary to focus on costs incurred by the company during plan implementation.

One of the basic ways to improve production processes is the so-called elimination of “bottleneck,” i.e. places, where the process is being slowed down by the obsolete machine, too little amount of employees, nonergonomic working conditions, and others. The easiest way to notice such places is through the analysis of obtained data during observation, which should be automatically registered and analysed by IT systems. IT solutions will indicate those areas based on collected data, thus it is not necessary for employees to look for them.

Every company that cares about maintenance or improvement of the position in the industry can decide on introducing improvements via IT solutions. The choice of Bpower2 is not only an access to a proven solution, but also a possibility of its customization. Does it seem impossible? Contact our consultants to find out more.

(Own study based on: https://leanactionplan.pl/wizualizacja-danych-wydajnosciowych/)

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