What's new in BPOWER2?

Spring is full of many novelties related to the development of Bpower2 software, as well as changes in the company itself. Not so long ago we made the application update to the latest version of ng 3.0, and we also launched the system in over 300 companies in most European countries.

Bpower2 software supports the entire SCM chain outside of our customer and contacts the currently used ERP through modern webservice solutions. As a result, customers in whole Europe can easily carry out orders, controlling payments, sending shipments and complaints of recipients – and all this thanks to our application.

In parallel with the increase in the number of Bpower2 users, we are working on its continuous improvement. The result of these activities is currently implemented solution that will allow our clients to answer their bothering questions: How to avoid placing goods on the shelves in the warehouse? We try to explain to entrepreneurs that they too often fall victim to inaccurate demand planning and then production. This is due to the fact that the customers’ demand for specific goods is temporarily unavailable, but for which demand, however, occurs. Bpower2 software will capture such unrealized but realistically existing demand and will take it into account when planning the next wave of production and sales.

Another new feature in Bpower2 is that the company managing the system – Red Cloud Sp. z oo – changed its name to Bpower2 Sp. z o. o., also moved its headquarters from Warsaw to Wrocław. Changing the name to a software identical with the brand will allow us to identify it faster and easier with the offered application.

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