How we work in Bpower2 ?

What is Scrum?

Scrum is an Agile approach to creating a new product. In our case, the product is computer software.

Scrum is based on the work of a team that has all the necessary skills and resources to deliver this product. And if they are not there – we want him to get them. Our team members have different complementary competencies – for example, analysis, programming or testing.

In Scrum, each team member plays a role. We divide into:

• Developers responsible for product development

• Product owner (PO) who has a vision of his product and thus can decide what is most important at the moment

• Scrum Master (SM), which focuses on how we operate. Thanks to this, he can share observations with others and help them increase their productivity.

The team provides subsequent versions of the working product in short cycles called Sprints. Sprints in our company usually last two weeks. What does it mean? The PO is up to date with the level of product development and knows how much time we need to invest in the next stages of software development.

What is Kanban?

To improve the work method, which is Scrum, we add a methodology called “Kanban”.

Kanban is nothing else than an array (in our case, virtual), divided into several columns. Example at the bottom:

Thanks to this methodology, each team member can easily check what their colleagues are doing at a given moment. Kanban allows you to organize tasks and facilitates cooperation between developers. Kanban allows you to have full control over the software development process and allows you to eliminate the causes of inefficiency and increase productivity.

Damian Godek

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