What is lean office?

Lean office - future technology

Have you ever wondered what an ideal office job would look like? When the document handler does some of the work for you. Most routine tasks are done by yourself. The tasks are organized, you know when to take care of them and the documents always go to the right people … Sounds unbelievable? And yet there is a solution!

Bpower2 software is a dream come true for people with a time deficit problem. Its most important functions are related to such issues as:

Business processes

Ordering the decision-making and order of activities related to business processes in the enterprise. Every user knows what to do and the boss can see at what stage the process is at any time.


Delegation of online tasks that immediately display to the user and simple feedback when he does it.

Document management

Organizing file repositories on secure servers. Creating document templates, archiving, self-complementing forms.


Management of sales opportunities, funnels and customers as well as projects connected with the invoicing module. The function is additionally associated with the settlement of working time by employees.

and a lot more…

Lean office

This is a new technology entering the European market that allows you to stress-free manage your time, correspondence, documents, processes and other office matters. From today you no longer need many types of software and many windows on your computer desktop. All functions of the most important applications are located in one central Bpower2 software

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