Bpower2. Simple, functional, compatible

Bpower2. Simple, functional, compatible

Bpower2. He gains at closer acquaintance

Appetite grows as you eat – this short statement can describe the level of satisfaction of customers using Bpower2 software. Most of the business owners who use our software on a daily basis systematically increase the number of functionalities – says Jacek Rakoczy, CEO of Bpower2. This is because the program is intuitive, compatible with other systems and allows you to automate all processes in the company, starting from issuing invoices or placing orders, and ending with managing tasks and handling employee affairs. Bpower2 connects to already existing systems in a given company, integrating its own functionalities with them, adds Jacek Rakoczy.

Bpower2. It saves time and money

The great advantage of Bpower2 is that its implementation does not absorb the client, allowing him to run his own business virtually without any significant break. In practice, it looks as if the company that ordered the system comes to a pre-arranged team of programmers to teach the selected employees how Bpower2 works step by step. Also after the implementation of the system, cooperation with the customer runs smoothly, thanks to a well thought-out post-sale policy and service. In case of a problem with software support or when the system does not respond correctly to commands, the client has access to the HelpDesk platform, thanks to which the fault is immediately eliminated. If the problem turns out to be more complicated then the programmer from Bpower2 arrives at the customer’s company and removes the failure on the spot.

Bpower2. It became a global brand

Bpower2 currently operates in more than a dozen countries on three continents – the largest number of customers comes from Europe, but we also have customers in Asia and North America, says Iwona Wielgo-Rakoczy responsible for system sales. The year 2018 is the period in which we will place special emphasis on foreign expansion. A few weeks ago, we started implementing the Workflow module at over two hundred business partners who work with our largest clients, adds Iwona Wielgo-Rakoczy.

Bpower2. Cheaper than you think

The most common customer concerns related to the purchase and implementation of Bpower2 in their company concern the adjustment of the program to existing systems and its price. Meanwhile, Bpower2 is a software that seamlessly integrates with all kinds of software used by enterprises – even with SAP, which Iwona Wielgo-Rakoczy proudly emphasizes. In turn, as regards the cost of implementation and operation, it is always dependent on the size and profile of the client’s business, the number of modules implemented and employees to be trained. So far, we have not yet experienced that after implementing and starting work with the Bpower2 system, one of the customers decided that he overpaid, buying our software, adds a Bpower2 representative with a smile.

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