Is customer “our master” or partner? Who cares?

Is customer "our master" or partner? Who cares?

Providing us with a good few years of services on the mobile application market, we come to the conclusion that the Achilles heel is not only ours, but probably every business is the relationship between us and customers. The conclusion itself is not revealing, but what may turn out to be so is the way we deal with this problem, performing tasks for the benefit of the client and ourselves.

Who has not encountered the problem that the client “knows better”? And who has never dealt with an overly secretive and suspicious customer. Who, at least once in his life, did not hear that “the client is our master”? If these and similar things happen to you more often than once a quarter, then read on!

Partnership and trust - the basis of Bpower2

The Bpower2 developed and implemented by us serves various companies – from very small ones to really large international corporations. It allows for efficient communication, exchange of information and all documents between the organization and its cooperators, representatives or partners spread around the world. Customers are very different, their expectations even more. Coming to us with their own concept, they want us to implement it exactly according to the scenario they created and to which they have already got used to. It sometimes happens that they defend their ideas and independence, but in the meantime, it turns out that the change of thinking and approach to the subject itself makes the entire IT machine work better, more efficiently and cheaper. It’s simply better.

We do not hide anything from customers and thanks to that we gain their trust. Flexibility of the Bpower2 system is not an advertising slogan, but a fact that we present and prove in practice. The solutions we use simplify the company’s operation in every area. The program, thanks to its high level of compatibility, makes the company that uses it in a short time begin to feel the benefits of saving time, energy and money.

The most difficult is the beginning

When preparing a Bpower2 implementation for a new customer, we present not only the principles of its operation, benefits and advantages. At the same time, we offer constant contact and service as needed, because even the most wonderful system can work in a different way sometime than we expect. Earlier, we try to get as much information as possible about the expectations and requirements of the client. We want to know what she expects and what she counts on. In this way, we optimize our system individually, matching it to existing applications operating in the company.

Answering the question asked at the beginning (Is the client “our master”, or partner? Who does it depend on?) We state that it is worth striving for partner relations, because these are always a more solid foundation for any business. The nature of these relationships is influenced by both ourselves and our clients.

And how do you think? What are your experiences in this area? We invite you to discuss this topic, which we run in our group Bpower2 Friend on Facebook. Join the discussion! Click here !

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