The Bpower2 team is growing stronger

Recruitment for the Bpower2 team is getting blushes. Candidates are coming from all over Poland and although the bar has been really high, some people have already managed to qualify and start cooperation with us. We are currently recruiting and our offer is addressed to PHP Developers and Java / Android Developers .

At Bpower2, we develop software dedicated to micro, small and medium-sized companies who care about the efficient organization of working time, effective use of their employees’ potential and maximization of profits without the need to overburden the personnel employed.

Bpower2 is an IT system that raises every business squarely, automating and optimizing processes in the company. The program consists of modules that can be flexibly adapted to current needs and tasks. These modules include workflow, e-invoice management, staffing and task management. The main features of the Bpower2 software are the intuitive nature of operation and ease of use, automation as well as quick access to resources and the ability to work remotely via a smartphone or other mobile device.

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