Bpower2 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

At the turn of February and March next year, Barcelona will host the Mobile World Congress – the largest conference, trade and exhibition event of this type for the mobile industry in the world. The Congress is organized by the GSM Association – an international trade organization associating mobile operators of the second and third generation. Among more than 2,300 exhibitors, Bpower2 will also be present .


Bpower2 is a tool that will raise your business to a square! What does this mean in practice? First of all, organize what seems so difficult to implement, ie a huge number of electronic documents and tasks between employees. With Bpower2 everyone knows what, when and how to do it. Nobody asks anyone for permission, advice or advice – every employee knows exactly what he or she belongs to. 

The global offensive of innovative Bpower2 software is in progress , which is a perfect complement to the ERP functionality in the areas of CRM / SFA , BPM and Cloud system .

After fruitful meetings and promising conclusions from ITC World Congress in Canada, Wem Summit in Portugal and Forum Agenti in Italy, the time has come to conquer Spain, where the system’s advantages will be presented during the biggest event for the mobile industry in the world – Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona .

The most important advantages of the program:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Simplicity
  3. Ease of use
  4. Automation
  5. Quick access to knowledge
  6. Facilitating management
  7. Time saving

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Or meet us in Barcelona at the turn of February and March 2018!

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