How to increase your productivity?

How to increase your productivity?

It often happens that we have so many tasks to do that we don’t even know where to start. In reality we try to do some work on each task, however the results of such actions are not satisfying to us and our supervisors. Then you start to wonder, how is it possible that others finish their tasks and I can’t?

One of the most important problems we should face is taking on too many responsibilities. Many people have a hard time saying no, and as a result, they are unable to keep all their promises. Living in a society, in which long working hours is a standard, makes the problem even worse. Hardly anyone notices that staying at work after hours does not have to translate into increased efficiency and good results, sometimes it is just putting on a show. The research clearly shows that overwork causes a drop in productivity – you can achieve more in 40 hours than in 60 hours of work a week – mainly due to exhaustion and loss of creativity. Experts warn that more and more people in their thirties feel work related burnout, however there are ways to change that!

Don't take up on numerous tasks at once, focus on one thing

Don’t start another task until you’ve done the first one. Carrying out several tasks at the same time causes unnecessary frustration and haste, and certainly does not speed up their execution. Moreover, try to eliminate distractions – turn off social media notifications, mute your phone and enjoy relaxing music.

Make a priority list

80% of the achievements are often a result of 20% of tasks that were our priority. It is important to start your day with finishing the most important tasks as our efficiency decreases over time. It’s worth preparing a priority list of tasks the day before and then follow it at work.

Take care of your morning routine

The first 60-90 minutes of each day affect your attitude and mood for the rest of the day. A pleasant morning makes it much easier to focus and plan your work. It is worth considering waking up earlier, which will give you time for such activities as: yoga, reading, listening to your favourite music. This way of starting the day gives you energy to work and improves your mood.

Manage your energy

Appropriate energy management translates into how many tasks can be done during the day. Sleeping, proper nutrition and breaks at work are extremely important. There are times when an urgent project requires overtime or even working at night, however it shouldn’t happen often. Taking care of feeling rested and good health contributes to significant improvement in your productivity.

Plan your weekdays

This principle is especially important for people who work on many projects that are difficult to separate. A good solution is to divide them into different days of the week, which minimizes energy losses associated with switching between different projects or tasks. For instance, you can plan that answering to questions from potential customers are always sent on Tuesday and Thursday and trying to acquire new customers always takes place on Wednesday.

Implementing these simple tips can significantly increase your productivity and decrease stress level – it’s worth a try.


(based on https://bellicosa.com/sprawdzone-sposoby-na-produktywnosc/)

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