Bpower2 is a multi-planning company
that organizes work in many areas.

Multiplaner for the Sales Department

When you work for a customer, you are dependent on tasks performed for you by others in the company. You are responsible for your own and other people’s actions.  

The Bpower2 Multiplaner applied for the sales department will allow you to easily check what tasks your colleagues are carrying out, helping you to achieve your compromise with the customer.

Multiplaner for the Finance Department

Lost invoice, unsettled return, lack of person responsible for an outstanding transfer are samples of common problems in finance departments. As this department is the executor of other companies areas, it especially has to take care of order and cooperation with it is very important. The Bpower2 Multiplaner applied for Finance Department allows it users to manage their tasks and processes.

Multiplaner for the Quality Control Department

The most common problem in the quality control department is the implementation and application of ISO standards and GDPR in the company. For example, only regular water purity measurements will allow your company to pass the next audit and receive a certificate. Your collaborator should make a test of water quality, but he didn’t. The Bpower2 Multiplanner allows you to transfer all processes to the system, which will make it clear and transparent while guaranteeing you control from the beginning to the end.

Multiplaner for the purchasing department

Cooperating with your suppliers is very important. By working well with them, your business may be competitive. Your suppliers depend on your orders. And you depend on your customers’ orders. Your feeling, sometimes, is that you are between a rock and a hard place. 

The Bpower2 Multiplaner applied for the purchasing department allows you to easily redirect sales and purchase data to your suppliers. You can automatically distribute information to reduce time spent on communication with suppliers and to keep them up to date with your orders.